My Secure Browser VPN service encrypts your connection and provides an anonymous IP address to protect what matters most. Experience the peace of mind that comes from anonymous web surfing, complete privacy, and the ultimate security for your entire family. Each membership allows for 5 simultaneous connections so your entire family can stay protected at home or on the go.


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For Mac OS X

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For Microsoft Windows

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What Does This Do For Me?

My Secure Browser VPN (virtual private network) adds a layer of security and privacy to your home or small business private networks and public networks like the Wi-Fi connection at the airport or coffee shop.

My Secure Browser VPN protects your public information from web sites and internet services that track and monitor your internet habits, downloads, search terms, and geographic location. Enjoy anonymous web surfing and complete privacy.

Our secure and private VPN will cloak your IP address and provide a US based IP address even if you are out of the country. You can still access your favorite sites, like Hulu and Netflix, from anywhere in the world. Select a regional IP address to access restricted sites or live sporting events worldwide.

We also do not retain log files of your access and usage of our VPN servers.