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SecureTunnel Homepage Screenshot

Either click on the download button on the left or hit the download link from the menu bar to download the latest release of MySecureBrowser Private Network for Mac OS X.

Download Page for SecureTunnel

If you go to the download section, make sure to chose the Mac OS X version.

SecureTunnel Private Network Downloading

Once MySecureBrower Private Network Installer has downloaded, open the DMG.

SecureTunnel Private Network Installer

Once the DMG has mounted, launch the MySecureBrowser Private Network Installer.

Mac OS X Security warning screenshot

You may receive a Mac OS X security screen. Go ahead and click Open.

Mac OS X root user authentication

You will be asked for your Mac OS X administrator password. Enter it in the box and click Ok.

Info: MySecureBrowser.com Private Network uses network drivers to route the traffic, which requires admin privileges.

SecureTunnel Private Network Installer Welcome Screen

You will now see the installer welcome screen, click the Next button.

SecureTunnel Private Network SLA

Once at the Software Agreement screen, briefly read through them, click the agree radio button, and then click Next.

Install Location for STPN

You can choose where to install My Secure Browser Private Network, just let it install in the Applications folder by clicking Next.

Create Desktop Icon screenshot

Optional:  You can have an icon placed on the desktop, click Next.

SecureTunnel Finished Installing

My Secure Browser Private Network has now been installed.  Click the Finish button.

Mac OS X Application Folder

In the Finder, open the Application folder and find the My Secure Browser Private Network Application.

Adding Application to Dock in Mac OS X

Optional: You can add My Secure Browser Private Network to your dock by dragging the icon to the dock.

SecureTunnel Private Network for Mac OS X open to Home Screen

Launch My Secure Browser Private Network by clicking on the Application or on the Dock Icon.

STPN Home Screen

Enter your My Secure Browser Username and Password. Choose the location you would like to connect to and then click the Connect button.

SecureTunnel Private Network Connect Screen

You are now Connected and Secure.  You can see the IP Number you are now masked with in the software.

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My Secure Browser Private Network is a VPN solution that encrypts all your internet traffic, changes your IP, and protects your identity while online.

For Installation instructions, click the Instructions Tab above.