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Run the My Secure Browser Private Network setup file.

You will be greeted by the installer, recommending that you close other applications before continuing. Next you will be presented with the license agreement.

If you agree to the terms listed in the software license agreement, click “I Agree” to continue. The default install location is fine for most users. If you want to customize where STPN is installed, you can do so now.

STPN will then begin the installation process in the directory you specified.

If you have not installed OpenVPN in the past, you will be prompted by Windows to approve the installation of the OpenVPN drivers onto your computer. It is necessary to install the OpenVPN drivers to complete the installation.

The STPN installation will then complete. Click “Next” as prompted. Leave the box marked “Launch My Secure Browser Private Network” checked to launch the software upon completion.

My Secure Browser Private Network will now run on your computer. Enter your My Secure Browser Username and Password that you chose at signup in the space provided. If you click the box marked “Remember information” the software will preserve your settings for you so that you do not need to enter the information each time.

The Region Selection pull-down menu allows you to choose which My Secure Browser server you want to use. You should choose a server in the region where you want your IP address to be displayed. For example, if you want to view the BBC iPlayer, you will need to choose a UK server. Likewise, if you want to view US based content, you will need to choose a server located in the United States.

To verify that your traffic is encrypted and being sent through the My Secure Browser Private Network VPN, and to ensure that your IP address has changed, you can check the My Secure Browser website. Or to verify this independently of the My Secure Browser site, you can visit any site that checks your IP address.

You should first check your IP address at the IP address checking site, then connect to the Private Network VPN, and then check your IP address again. You should see that your IP address has changed. This verifies that your traffic is running through the VPN servers.

You can close the My Secure Browser Private Network software with the red X in the upper right corner of the software. The My Secure Browser Private Network software will then minimize itself and reside in the tray. To regain access to the My Secure Browser Private Network software you can click on the tray icon. From the tray icon, you can disconnect from the VPN, open the My Secure Browser Private Network window, quit the program, or use the help function.

If you would like My Secure Browser Private Network software to start when you start your computer, you must copy the shortcut to the STPN software into the Windows Startup folder. The easiest way to locate the startup folder is to click the round “Start” button. Click All Programs and you will see the folder labeled startup. Right click on this folder and click “Open”. Drag the shortcut to My Secure Browser Private Network into the startup folder and it will start when Windows starts.

You can do this for any program you want to start with Windows. Just ensure the shortcut is displayed in the Startup folder.

Note: For My Secure Browser Private Network to start in Windows 7, User Account Control must be disabled. Only disable UAC if you are sure of yourself. Many people find UAC an intolerable nuisance but it can protect novice computer users from making mistakes or installing software that may harm their system. Proceed only if you are certain you want to disable UAC.

To disable UAC, click the Start icon and then Control Panel. Type UAC into the search bar in the upper right corner.

To completely disable UAC, slide the slider all the way to the bottom. You will then stop receiving notifications when you change settings on your computer or if software is trying to change settings.

Please contact customer support if you have any additional questions about My Secure Browser Private Network.

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