You do your best to secure the safety and security for all aspects of your life, but have you protected the online safety of your family, personal data, and business information? A VPN (virtual private network) is an essential part of your internet security because an antivirus program alone cannot protect you from hackers, stalkers, criminals, data mining, or tracking.

A VPN service gives you all of the benefits of a private network with none of the limitations. VPN provides an extra layer of security for your home, home office, or anywhere in the world that life may take you. A VPN will make you and your family anonymous on the internet.

When you use My Secure Browser VPN, all of the information you send and receive from your computer is safe and anonymous. Not just your web browser traffic. Chat programs, file trading programs, email, all your network traffic will be routed through our powerful VPN system. Even your own ISP won’t be able to see or track what you and your family do on the internet!

We all know that government agencies are tracing what we do and who we talk to, that crooks and predators are trying to use the internet to attack our identities, privacy, and families. Did you know that your own ISP tracks everything you do? They log every web site you visit, every file you download or upload, every email you send, every time you use a chat or messenger program, virtually everything you do when connected to the internet through them. MySecureBrowser.com can put a halt to it all right now! Join now!

Security at home or abroad. No one can see what you are doing online. Files that you upload/download, your personal financial information, credit card information, information that your children send in texts or chat messaging, and client data that has been entrusted to you is all safely secured by 2048 bit strong encryption. Our virtual private tunnel connects your computer to our network and protects you anywhere in the world. It wraps everything you do in our protective private network.

Virtual Firewall. Our firewall is your first line of defense against hackers, worms, viruses, and identity thieves that try to access your computer and internet connected devices. My Secure Browser protects you and your sensitive information from attacks directed towards your known IP address and secures your home computer so your IP and geographic location will not be seen. Right now any site you visit or anyone who probes your computer/home network can see your real IP address, and from that they can find your geographic location. In some circumstances they can even detect what neighborhood you live in. MySecureBrowser.com will stop untrusted web sites and services from identifying you and your location. MySecureBrowser.com can make it appear you are in a completely different city or country.

Anonymous Surfing. Without the security of a VPN service, websites, government agencies, and your own ISP are able to track your activity whenever you surf or use the web. Website tracking services can match your computer’s IP address to your geo-location, and collect and sell data about you. A MySecureBrowser.com account allows you to surf the web anonymously by hiding your actual IP address, your geographic location, and by encrypting all your data in powerful 2048 bit encryption.

Country IP Anywhere. Have you ever traveled out of the country and experienced issues making online purchases or accessing out of country web sites blocked by the host country? My Secure Browser VPN service can provide you with an alternate geographic based IP address, even when you are traveling abroad. This can save you the time and hassle of having to call credit card companies over and over to let them know that your purchase is not a fraudulent charge. If you travel to or live in a country that blocks certain web sites or web services to their citizens, MySecureBrowser.com can enable you to access those web sites or services from within that country.

Safe Public Wi-Fi. You don’t have to worry about using public Wi-Fi at coffee shops, airports, libraries, schools, work, or where-ever with a My Secure Browser account. Your anonymous IP address will protect your login information, passwords, financial and private data no matter where you are. Your online, banking, personal, and business information is safe on public Wi-Fi¬†with our secure VPN service.

Static IP address. My Secure Browser allows you to have a static IP address for your family and home or small business. You get the benefit of security while accessing the databases, web boards, and applications that identify you by a constant IP address.

My Secure Browser VPN service provides safety, security, and privacy for your home or small business. Most importantly MySecureBrowser.com protects your most precious asset, your family, from predators, stalkers, and those who would do them harm. For less than .35 cents a day. Try our 14 day free trial now to see if MySecureBrowser.com is right for you.

Why MySecureBrowser.com

MySecureBrowser.com is a new web site but rest assured, we know what we are doing. Our owners and partners have been running VPN services and servers for internet users for over 12 years. There are some new VPN providers that do not have this experience and track record. Use caution when selecting your VPN provider. Protecting you, your family, and your small business is our mission.

We do not keep log files of what you do on the internet. They are scrubbed every 24 hours for your protection.

My Secure Browser provides super fast download speeds. We do not restrict bandwidth throughput, and we have 70% bandwidth capacity available over our normal max flow through.

Access all web services through MySecureBrowser.com. Web browser access, file trading, chat/text and messenger programs, Usenet newsgroup protocols, gaming applications, email sent through Yahoo/Google type services, any program or service that uses the internet will go through the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

We are VPN Pros!